Futurama has a nice interactive visual brief on the icon history. Lots of stuff happened between now and 40 years ago when we started to sue a graphical user interface on computers. Fun to see some early Xerox desktops and BeOS icons next the all know os x and windows icons..
Read more here https://historyoficons.com

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Starting with a new project of just needing some inspiration for your next project? You will always need some icons and glyphs to build your interface. Here's a list of where to find icons for all your applications and graphic design projects, high quality icons for your web graphics: http://thesquid.ink/solid-icons/

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Apple watch as iOS AppelTV game remote

Apple Watch + Rolomotion = AWESOMENESS!
The Rolomotion powered game 'Bowling Central' is out now for Apple TV

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Whenever working with lots of folders and files you maybe had to close multiple folders in a list view all at once, founding out that there is no key combo for that!?
There is no real key combo for this but you can achieve it in two easy steps:
1. select all: ⌘+A
2. press left arrow: ←

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iPhoto Photos cleanup

When you started with OS X Photos it will create a new library (Photos Library.photoslibrary) and migrate your old iPhoto library (iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary). So when you are fine with using only Photos you can safely delete it iPhoto and the iPhoto library to free up some harddisk space. To be save I moved the iPhoto Library.migratedphotolibrary to an external drive.

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Save space (and time) with your Time Machine backups:

- Open a Finder window and go to your Mac's Hard Drive
- Open System Preferences > Time Machine, then click Options
- Drag the System folder from your Mac's hard drive into the "Exclude these items from backup" section
- OS X will prompt you to exclude other related items, including system applications. You probably don't need those core items since they come preinstalled in OS X anyway, and your initial and potentially future backups won't take as much time.

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The 12 inch iPad or iPad Pro is coming... here a rumor roundup:
It's the enterprise iPad and will be released at the Apple event on the 9th of march
but due to the iphone 6 high demand there is currently a low display yields so the release is pushed back to september..

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When Safari 8 becomes unresponsive, partially loading pages etc there are some things you can de do test before reinstalling ..

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OSX Bootdisk

Ever need to create a bootable install USB for your mac?
Yosemite has a built in USB installer maker!
Just grab a 8GB Usb Stick and create your installer today, always good for emergencies!

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ios-update iTunes AppleTv Home Sharing Fix

With the recent release of Yosemite there are some connections problems and errors with the appleTV. Home sharing would not connect with iTunes 12 on Yosemite.

There is a very easy and simple fix to resolve this;
On your Mac go to the system preferences, select 'Sharing' and change the Computer Name.

That's all! Start iTunes and home sharing should work again on your Apple TV!

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